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Portrait of Gian Maria Mairo


Gian Maria Mairo is an art consultant and curator of private collections. Thanks to his father, a teacher of History of Art, Gian Maria approached this fascinating subject since he was a teenager, trying to imagine to create a space of his own to research deeper that world he still feel attracted to so much. After completing his University dissertation…

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Simon Vouet (1590-1649) Ritratto Di Artemisia Gentileschi, Olio Su Tela, 1615 Ca. Fondazione Pisa, Pisa

The portrait of
Artemisia Gentileschi,
by Simon Vouet

Free, emancipated and proudly woman: a truly modern and feminist portrait. Those are the characteristic coming up to the eyes…

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Paolo Antonio Barbieri (1603-1649) Portrait Of Guercino With His Mother And A Lagotto Dog, 1627, Oil On Canvas, Rome, Fondazione Sorgente Group

A Loyal Friend:
Guercino and his Lagotto

The dog has always been considered as the most loyal animal by human beings. Their relationship were so strong that…

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