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Portrait Of Gian Maria Mairo

Gian Maria Mairo is an art consultant and curator of private collections.
Thanks to his father, a teacher of History of Art, Gian Maria approached this fascinating subject since he was a teenager, trying to imagine to create a space of his own to research deeper that world he still feel attracted to so much.
After completing his University dissertation at the Warburg Institute (London), in 2004 he graduated at the University of Bologna, starting his working career at Christie’s few months later. A crucial experience for his professional growth, as he got the opportunities to explore different parts of that prestigious firm, increasing his knowledge of the business at international level.

In 2009 he moved back to Italy after he was appointed Old Masters painting curator of Fondazione Sorgente Group, in Rome where he dedicated to develop this important private collection, being focused on selecting and acquiring paintings, from 16th to 18th century with the purpose of promoting them through high level exhibitions and scientific catalogues.

After more than 15 years of experience in the Art Business, always trying to give his best, Gian Maria decided to concentrate on European Baroque paintings as researcher and independent Art Consultant, to become a link between experienced collectors and to help those who want to start traveling into this complicated but extremely fascinating world, like a beautiful woman.

Portrait Of Gian Maria Mairo
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