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Independent Art Advisor

In the past, the advisor was considered less important when the collection was curated directly by the collector following his own taste. However, more recently the art advisor gained much more importance on guiding collectors among the different opportunities of a much more complex market; helping clients to combine the pleasure of collecting and the value of the investment.

After more than 10 years of experience in the art market, integrated with a solid know-how (particularly on Old Master paintings) my skills and competencies include paintings valuation, according to the updated parameters; an active support during selection and acquisition, keeping an eye on market trends to achieve the best investment. Moreover, looking after all accessory issues as legal paperworks, insurance and shipping, as well as advising on conservation and promotion of the work of art.

A wide number of contacts and personal relations with public museums or privates, at national and international level, allows me to offer a tailor-cut service based on the peculiarity that every situation requests.

Curator of Private Collections

Sometimes it happens by chance to become a collector, for example by receiving the result of a lifetime passion in works of art, paintings and furniture through an inheritance. As well as it happens to feel the will of continuing that passion, to improve that collection of objects. In this case, my long-term experience as curator of a private collection can be quite helpful as I’m able to valorize the artworks starting from a strong cataloguing, a deep research, scientific essays and catalogues. Then promoting them through exhibitions and events to both national and international level. And obviously taking care of all paperworks and bureaucracy, for example the export licenses.

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